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Episode 26: Joseph Spano-Stuntman, Actor, & Author

In this episode I talk to stuntman, actor, & author Joe Spano about everything from resisting the flow of life, to his recent appearance on “Wheel Of Fortune”. Also, be sure to watch Joe’s stunt reel here: Find Joe: twitter @tae_kwon_joe​Joey-Stun…​115620895126924  

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Episode 25: Torrance Harvey – Actor, Writer, Poet, Music Manager/Partner, Entrepreneur, & Director

                                      Welcome to Ep. 25! I am honored and privileged to have on Mr. Torrance Harvey kick off the AC Podcast in 2013! Join us as we talk about everything from The Jackson 5, to MTV, to […]

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Episode 24: Final Thoughts From 2012

                        Hey guys! Join me as I wrap up 2012 with some of my thoughts and insights for the future with a message from Alan Watts! Subscribe on YouTube: AnthonyCharlesOnline The Anthony Charles Podcast on iTunes Like it on Facebook The Anthony Charles Podcast […]

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Episode 23: Paul Russell – Author, Director, and Casting Director

                              This week, I talk to Paul Russell about many of the common problems actors face, as well as his enlightening book, “ACTING: Make It Your Business”. Visit him online at Check out Paul Russell Casting on Facebook Questions or […]

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Episode 22: Joanne Zipay – Founder and Artistic Director of The Judith Shakespeare Company

                  In this episode we talk with Joanne Zipay; the head of the Judith Shakespeare Company. The Judith Shakespeare Company, founded in 1995, is committed to bringing Shakespeare’s language to life with clarity and vitality, while expanding the presence of women in classical theatre. Join us as […]

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Episode 21: Jarek Zabczynski, Eli Wells – Jester Pictures

                            In this very special episode, we talk to Jarek and Eli from Jester Pictures. Join us as we talk about their high end video production company, and how they got there. JESTER PICTURES: Questions or comments? Post them below! Listen, […]

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Episode 20: Andrew Hess – Author/Poet/Blogger

                                      Episode 20! I could not think of a better guest to have on this milestone, Andrew Hess returns to the show with new insight on life in the arts! Follow Andrew on Twitter Like Chamber of […]

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Episode 19: Miss Bearock – Pin Up Model/Hair & Make-Up

This is one of the most informative shows I’ve ever done! Thank you so much to Miss Bea Rock for delivering us the comprehensive image of the complete creative professional person. Her hard work, discipline, and determination has made her “the ideal artist”, and I know we all can learn a thing or two from […]

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Episode 18: Jason Milani – Special FX Make-Up Artist

On this episode, I talk to Jason Milani, Special FX Make-Up Artist. You can see Jason on episodes of Face Off Tuesdays 9/8c, only on the Syfy channel. Check your local listings. (Fall 2012)   Connect with Jason on Twitter: @jasonmilanifx or on Facebook. Listen, download, or follow on: Soundcloud iTunes

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Episode 17: Andrew Goffman & Charles Messina of The Accidental Pervert

                      Join us as we talk about life, careers, and general sexual misconduct with Andrew Goffman – the writer/performer as well as the director – Charles Messina, of the Off-Broadway show, “THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT”! This Episode also was filmed LIVE ON LOCATION at The 13th […]

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